Future Mobility Finalist 2020: Rydies GmbH

Signet Future Mobility Award Finalist 2020

Rydies provides flexible access to micromobility by offering monthly subscribtion packages. The white-label platform is integrated into third party apps and websites. Customers of public transportation and mobility companies can rent „personal” E-bicycles, E-scooters or E-mopeds for private usage – no sharing! Subscriptions start from 3 months  including a carefree package: insurance, repair, maintenance and ready-to-ride set-up.

Rydies already has two strong customers: Since 2019 the largest mobility club in Europe, ADAC, offers subscription and purchase offers for E-Bikes and E-Mopeds to its´ 21 mill. members. In May 2020 we will launch with ADAC a subscription package with approx. 40 E-vehicles. In cooperation with the public transportation company in Bochum and Gelsenkirchen, BOGESTRA, we offer monthly subscription for E-vehicles including special benefits in public transport, e.g. free transportation of bicycles and, starting May 27, public transport tickets. All offers on include a carefree package („Rundumsorglos-Paket).

Both partners benefit: Public transportation and mobility companies can offer a new product to their customers and reach new target groups without taking care of set-up and operations. Rydies operates the business and benefits from the communication power of the partner.