Future Mobility Finalist 2020: Matchrider UG

Signet Future Mobility Award Finalist 2020

MatchRiderGO (MRGO) is a crowd-sourced ridesharing platform that helps communities build out and market a “Carpool Super Highway” (CaPoSuHi) of interconnected, high-trafficked routes. This CaPoSuHi will empower a variety of different stakeholders to quickly create their own ridesharing networks and to engage early adopters in a DIY approach to community ridesharing.

MRGO focuses on the commuter market by finding reliable drivers with reoccurring schedules on busy routes — by means of our MRGO passenger and driver apps. By establishing twelve drivers in a two-hour commuter window(there and back), Match Rider offer a reoccurring ride schedule for commuters which can be enhanced by spontaneous ride offers.

The start-ups approach also enables public transportation providers (PuT) to attract new riders to their existing public transportation networks by extending their footprint and customer base.

The most common use case with PuT is using MRGO platform as a feeder to mobility hubs so that passengers (and drivers) use public transportation as the last leg of their commute and avoid clogging up already congested cities with unnecessary vehicle traffic. Match Riders APls integrate rides into intermodal mobility apps according to one of the VDV standards.